Editorial Art

Graphic Design


With a monthly user base of over 238 million, IGN is the world leader in games and entertainment media. Despite our small design team, we are proud to be able to craft each of our O&O products with character. From tiny spot illustrations to mortises that garner incredible donations to charity, no space is left untouched by our artboards.

My Role

I work closely with the editorial team to create whimsical spot illustrations and designs packed with personality. I find that my background in product design lends itself in creating a more efficient process for creating product-based editorial art. I meet with the relevant stakeholders to talk about project requirements and deliver the assets needed after any necessary revisions.


Doodles are 320x240px spot illustrations on the site navigation bar to celebrate holidays or link to a promoted event.

Cover Images

Large scale banners custom made for various IGN products.

Stream Mortises

Mortises are stream backgrounds designed to frame hosts, guests, and gameplay. I work exclusively with the syndication & digital strategist to create a suite of themed mortises every broadcast.

Stop AAPI Hate

Black History Month

so cool to see my work on tiktok!



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